Sunday, May 13, 2012


The primary ingredient of our humanity is a search for relevance. All of us crave a place in the world, the feeling that we somehow matter. It is kindness, compassion, the greatest sort of good to allow for this. It is for this that we perform. It is for this that we do all that we do. At the root of this longing is a personal sense of identity. How we see ourselves is the script to our performance. This identity is formed by the voices in our heads. These voices will tell us what we will allow ourselves. Am I to be a victim? The servant of others? A liar, a thief, a misanthrope? A saint, a star, an artist? A lover of small things and large? A heart of ambition? – an internal permission to love and be loved. Somehow these things I want to say remain unclear. The things I have dwelt on it seems like forever. Let me confess it. One there is a god – it is the voice in our head. We can rescript that voice. There is a god – it is the chorus of voices that makes culture; that makes meaning. There is a heaven and a hell – it’s all right here – in “your” head. Really, really, really – we make the world we live in. If you want a kind world, then you must be kind. If you want a happy world, you must be happy and you must share it with others. You must trust to be trusted. You must give the benefit of the doubt. To be free you must be free. If you want to be loved, you must love. Whatever ethic you say you hold, you must enact it. – You must see the horizon to know the curve of the earth. I have decided to give over. I am giving over.