Friday, January 19, 2007

christmas '06

Well... it didn't snow... and there were boxes everywhere from the move but Christmas, despite all the stress from trying to finally get in the house... was great! We missed Chris and there were others we would have spent time with but Katherine and Carey made the holidays.

The kitties, of course, participated and Sam was slightly more social than usual. (Samalina is black and white... William is all white... Lucy, not pictured, is orange and white.) Lots of good presents... I got earrings, candles, pajamas, movies... Katherine and Carey both got lots of clothes and Chuck got a movie, cookbook, house shoes and a Joseph Campbell book he read in two days.

I was a little sad not having everyone in the same place... It's always difficult with us being in Cleveland and everyone else being in Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina... but all in all, I think it was pretty wonderful... Our first Christmas in the house.